Equipment Financing

Flexible Business Loans for Equipment Hiring and Purchases

Quick Equipment Financing for Your Company

We have understood that most businesses looking for equipment financing options today, are able to use the financing best when it is quick and efficient. Moreover, businesses that seek non-traditional financing solutions tend to prefer loans with one or more of these features:

  • No filtering based upon credit scores
  • A quick and easy application and processing system
  • Minimal amount of paperwork and formalities
  • Flexibility in loan tenures and repayment options
  • High chances of loan approval that translates to high reliability

At GetCapitalToday, we continuously work to ensure our lending process is always able to provide such features to eligible business.

Working as an Independent Individual? Choose GetCapitalToday

Oftentimes, business loans only serve companies with a minimum number of 10, 25, or 50 employees. With GetCapitalToday, you can get business loans such as our equipment financing as an independent individual, a consultant, or a sole owner of a small startup too, provided you meet our rather simple loan requirements.

Small businesses that meet these requirements are eligible to loans from GetCapitalToday:

  • US-based business with at least 6 months in operation
  • Minimum monthly revenue of $5,000 or a stable cash flow

Further terms and conditions apply.

No Money Down, No Collaterals, No Hard Credit Checks

Our equipment financing shall need no money down payment from your side. Further, our business loans require no collaterals - they're unsecured business loans, so with us, you need not pledge any assets of value to your business as you seek a loan.

What's more? Our loan process features no hard credit checks prior to loan approval. This way, your credit performance stays intact upon loan application and any transaction shall only feature if the loan is credited to you. Nonetheless, a bad credit score doesn't deem you ineligible for our loans.

Hire or Purchase New or Used Equipment

We do not restrict the use of our equipment financing to only the purchase of new equipment. With us, you can get financed for hire/rental or purchase of new or used equipment and a single loan can cover one or more items as well as uses, as long as the loan amount is within your assessed loan eligibility. Simply fill in the loan application accordingly and our team shall work towards an offer being mindful of that.

Get a Flexible Business Loan Today

Plan to apply for the equipment financing from GetCapitalToday? Enjoy the flexibility in your business loan offer along with transparent terms and quick service. The loan application process is fully online and you can start by simply submitting the details of your business. A customer service expert from our team shall get in touch with you shortly, to work on a suitable loan offer for you.