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A business loan can help you deal with cash flow challenges. It can be used to expand physical location, buy equipment, purchase additional inventory, benefit from business growth opportunities, hire additional employees, etc.
MCA stands for Merchant Cash Advance. Although, not exactly a loan, it is a financing product that offers quick access to funds in exchange of a portion of your future revenues.
We offer fast funding solutions online with no stringent loan requirements and seek no collaterals, no faxing and no business plans.
You can borrow anything between $2,500 and $2M based on the stability of your business and monthly income.
A small or mid-sized business with a minimum of 1 year in operation
Minimum monthly revenue of $15,000 or a stable cash flow
Once you are approved a business loan and you accept the loan offer, you will receive your funds on the next business day.
No, loan application is free of any charges.
Direct lending is a type of corporate debt provision where the "direct lender" is the entity that deals with the end customer without any intermediaries such as brokers.
We provide business loans to any kind of small to medium-sized business irrespective of the industry type.
A simple factoring rate is charged based upon the funded amount, the loan terms and the business strength.
We do not base our approval criteria solely upon your credit score. The overall performance and stability of your business is key to securing our business loans.
Repayments are typically automatic. For your convenience, it is deducted from your business checking account electronically on the due date(s).

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