Hardship Loans

Fast Business Funding for Challenging Times

Financing Can Help Your Business Get Back

Going through a tough time? Looking for a quick financial relief? We understand your business needs. Provided your business still matches our loan eligibility criteria, we can help you get the finances you seek. Our hardship loans are preferred by many businesses thanks to these key features:

  • Acceptance to all credit performances and scores
  • No hard credit checks prior to loan approval
  • Quick loan application and approval system
  • No rejections based upon loan rejections elsewhere
  • No charges for loan application

Rejected SBA Grants? Choose GetCapitalToday

An SBA grant can indeed be a great savior during a challenging time. However, many businesses face extreme delays and rejections when they apply for SBA grants and in such situations, we could be of help. Our business loans have an exceptionally high rate of approval (typically above 89%) and this means that when you choose us, you have a high probability of getting a loan. It's this reliability that most of our borrowers find value in, and we go that extra mile in ensuring business loan approvals are not just probable, but also quick.

Small businesses that meet these requirements are eligible to loans from GetCapitalToday:

  • US-based business with at least 6 months in operation
  • Minimum monthly revenue of $5,000 or a stable cash flow

Further terms and conditions apply.

A Boost in Cash Can Always be of Help

The availability of cash is indeed key to the success of a business. No matter how challenging time gets, a healthy cash flow can help a business sail through it in more than just one way. Whether you invest funds towards maintaining inventories, diversifying services, reaching new audiences, consolidating debts, or opening new outlets, a boost in cash is likely to be able to help your business to at least some extent. In many cases, a hardship loan is what has helped troubled businesses make ends meet until the challenging times are through.

Quick Loans for Business Emergencies

At GetCapitalToday, we understand that time plays a crucial role when it comes to emergency business funding. Many borrowers use our business loans to address financial emergencies because we have worked on ensuring a lean process and a high chance of loan approval.

Combining reliability and quickness, we provide business loans that can suit many emergency situations, and depending upon the eligibility of your business, you can secure up to $500,000 from us.

Get the Financial Relief Your Business Needs

GetCapitalToday is here if your business needs financial relief. Our hardship loans being quick, convenient and reliable are considered useful by many. A simple online application is all it takes to get you started towards a loan as our team works on verifying your eligibility and getting in touch with you to create a suitable loan offer for you.