Private Business Loans

Quick Business Loans with No Collaterals

The meaning of private business loan

Private business loans are those made to business owners without the need for security. These loans are often available in the twenty-five thousand to one million dollar range.

You need to have a solid credit history and a credit score of 650 to be eligible for this type of loan. A private business loan can be obtained in as little as two to three days.

Private business loans do not require collateral, making them different from standard loans. These loans are typically given out by private investment funds. Consequently, a bank or other traditional financing company does not provide the funding.

What is private funding?

A good technique to get money for speedy business improvement is through private finance. Particularly for smaller enterprises, flexible payment alternatives allow for less frequent debt and less financial burden.

A private business loan is an alternative if you require a loan amount that is comparable to a typical bank loan but are unable to go via a bank. These loans are easy to administer and disburse than conventional bank loans. On the other hand, they can end up costing more in the long term.

GetCapitalToday offers loans to small businesses that meet these criteria:

  • Business based in the US with 1 year in running
  • Cash flow that is stable or at least $15,000 per month

*Terms and conditions apply.

private business loans

Qualification for the loan

You must have a good credit in order to be approved for a private company loan. In order to be taken into consideration, your company's income must be big enough.

As most investors prefer businesses that have been in existence for at least a year, startup companies are typically not taken into consideration.

The quantity of private business loans you qualify for is determined by the monthly bank deposits and income of your company. If your information is sufficient to build a solid foundation of trust between you and your lender, you can get the loan you want in a matter of days.

Hard money loans

Private investors known as hard money lenders demand collateral before making a loan. Real estate typically serves as the collateral. This is the primary distinction between a private business loan and a hard money loan.

If hard money lending is not used to provide loans, the lenders rely on the borrower's strong credit and income. On the basis of prior mutual confidence, lenders will occasionally assume repayment when they are familiar with the borrowers.

Private business loans from an individual investor provide finance to fund current investments or even corporate expansions.


Private business loans provide businesses with instant access to capital. A solid credit history and a high income are requirements for this type of loan. These loans don't require collateral, but they do require a steady investment and on-time payments, much like conventional bank loans.

If you believe a private company loan is appropriate for you, get in touch with GetCapitalToday to submit an application